The Most Anticipated TCN Token Pre-Sale is Ending Today!

· TCN token presale is ending today with a successful accomplishment

· Claim your rewarded TCN before starting your investment

· TCN holders can buy/sell their TCN tokens in Coinsbit exchange platform from 10 May

Token sales are nowadays are attaining a lot of attention, from both institutional investors as well as individual traders alike. Looking at the market trend, the majority of the token sales today work on top of the Tron blockchain TRC20 through a smart contract.

Basically, this contract gathers Tron tokens and automatically exchanges these to regain new tokens unveiled by the start-up firms. This is a procedure removing any middlemen and brokers completely structured on P2P fundamentals. One such new name in this crypto industry is Tech Token Network.

TCN is a decentralized platform operating on Tron blockchain-based protocols. We intend to serve the best-decentralized finance staking application to our users with several benefits. User satisfaction is what makes us eager to improvise and become the best in the market ecosystem.

Behind the Scenes

Every token works on a distinct pricing mechanism, we offer tokens for users in an affordable way. On user demands, we kept the prices as low as any user can easily occupy their tokens. This mechanism is also appealing to the large investors as they come together grabbing a big number of tokens in bulk.

Once this presale is at closure, we will serve a cool-off period where TCN tokens might be frozen or kept away from exchanges that are secure on our side. After some time, the user can trade their tokens on exchanges making profitable investments at a market price.

The same concept follows Tech Token Network reaching out huge audience with its native token- TCN. We’re just a few hours away from the end of our TCN token pre-sale. This is the time you can purchase tokens at discounted rates, bonus applied, and best rewards. If you have not participated in the event, this seems your last chance.

TCN Token Details

Thanks to the user and great community members, we have achieved our goals faster than we expected. We want to rejoice this moment by announcing our next Airdrop Campaign for the fellow mates to be announced soon. The release is on hold, once the distribution is accomplished, we will announce it on our social media. Our TCN token presale was a successful one!

Tech token network introduced their native token for fundraising and retrieving maximum audience. Our token is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was launched to become the token of reference for the interactive staking, gaming, yielding, and financing industry.

Gaming and cryptocurrency are the two rapidly growing, demand-driven markets in the space today. Our plan behind the token is to explore the universe in terms of blockchain technology, versatile protocol implementation, best source applications, and payment methodologies for the active industry requirements.

We intend to offer developers and publishers the best options to monetize their products, protect building assets, integrate smart contracts, and much more. You can read about all our latest plans and developments in the whitepaper!

Why TCN Tokens?

TCN token offers the entire reliable aspects with an established, profitable presence in currently regulated crypto markets. The platform is merging the new technology protocols to solve the problems facing crypto operators and investors today.

Our platform is best in terms of the user interface, speed, security, trust, cost, and content. Our token will democratize access to the world-class decentralized finance industry for those underserved by the centralized banking system.

We aim to provide concrete value and additional benefits to our community and partners. Our present attempt was the presale which started on April 21, 2021, and was decided to end by April 30, 2021. On the basis of user demand, we extended our presale by one week and today it is destined to pose a successful closure.

Time is running, if you still wish to participate in our presale event you can earn 1 TRX = 2.5 TCN for some time now. We highly encourage you to use this opportunity in becoming our community member and grab as many TCN as you can.

The user claims our tokens to be a Game Changer according to their experience in holding it. You can hold TCN and start trading TCN tokens on Coinsbit exchange from May 10, 2021. Our latest partnership enables you to willingly participate and enjoy trading at the basic assets- Bitcoin, Tron, and Tether respectively.

A few details about TCN tokens:

· Token Name: Tech Token

· Ticket Symbol: TCN

· Total Supply: 270 Million

· Platform: TRC 20: 18 Decimal

· Available Supply: 85% (229500000)

Also, we have a total issuance of 270 Million TCN tokens which are allocated accordingly and will be distributed into the following proportions.

1. Initial Community: 12%

2. Public Sale: 55%

3. Airdrop: 5%

4. Platform Development: 7%

5. Advisors and Partnership: 9%

6. Team: 10%

7. Ecosystem: 27%

8. Strategic Partnership: 6.25%

9. Seed Sale: 15%

Take a peek at our official page to make up your mind and join the ongoing event! For more details regarding our latest announcement, we encourage you to check out our social media platforms: Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Facebook.

A Tron Blockchain (TRX) based token platform to developed Tron Smart Contract DeFi apps.