Tech Token Network Is Ready to List TCN Token on


· Tech token network announces TCN token will soon be listed on

· Now, the user can trade TCN with three trading pairs- BTC/TRX/USDT.

· The team will soon sign the contract with the other two exchange platforms.

Good News- We are listing our native token on one of the world’s trusted exchanges “Coinsbit” which holds a huge community, currently working on numerous tools to explore the liquidity and popularity of the tokens.

We choose the best for our traders. TCN token will be listed for trading with major trading pairs: TCN/BTC, TCN/TRX, TCN/USDT respectively.

Partnership Between TechToken Network and Coinsbit

Tech token network intends to explore blockchain for business applications and improvise the Defi protocols utilizing the theory on its platform. We are looking to join a trusted exchange platform to list TCN tokens so that traders representing us can enjoy the utmost benefits. Here we come, finally, the traders get their initial platform- Coinsbit.

Coinsbit is a centralized digital asset exchange platform established in August 2018. The review on the exchange specifies that it supports up to 10,000 trades per second together with one million TCP connections.

Like our service, the exchange platform provides 24*7 customer support in multiple languages. We have managed to bring in the best service and platform for the community members as we promised. TCN is trying to attract a worldwide audience and reach an exclusive daily turnover.

The traders can trade in Bitcoin BTC, Tron TRX, and Tether USDT to make basic profits in any trade you choose. Also, any user can trade without worries as there are only 0.2% appealing trading fees.

Why Coinsbit?

1. Your assets are secure.

TCN chose Coinsbit exchange for its user protection feature. Your assets will be safe and secure with the latest security systems and firewalls which stores the assets in cold wallets.

2. OTC Platform.

The traders can buy/sell their assets quickly and safely. This aspect is reliable to carry out OTC transactions via “escrow” principle. The user can exchange assets with no fear of exchange rate fluctuations, receiving utmost confidentiality and security.

3. Coinsbit Store.

The platform claims to be the initial store to buy goods with cryptocurrency online, gathering the best offers from major online stores. The user can buy goods from anywhere around the globe right from place.

4. Staking Pool

Traders can earn by investing free coins in the exchange staking pool. In return, traders can earn profits, while the exchange can attract new deposits.

5. Unique Codes

The user can generate unique codes while transferring the coins to any other user. There are no commission or confirmation charges implied.

6. Fee Schedule

The fee for trading is very low as compared to other exchanges out there. The exchange charges only a 0.2% trading fee for the customers. Following are the fee structure for TCN traders with respect to their trading pairs:

Traders betting on TCN token will enjoy the following benefits:

The exchange offers a processing speed of up to 10,000 trades per second with 1,000,000 TCP connections.

Almost 95% of currency is stored on exchange cold wallets.

Web Application Firewall application is tackled for security reasons that detect and block any hacker attacks.

Coinsbit exchange is an EU licensed with a daily trading volume of over 1.5 billion USD. This platform is currently listed in the top 20 on CoinMarketCap, with 150,000 active traders and more.

The TCN user can easily and freely trade TCN tokens with three trading pairs- BTC/TRX/USDT. These are the basic pair any newcomer or professional can bet on.

TCN is a market leader in security and customer satisfaction and so finding the partners possessing similar facilitating features.

from 10/05/2021 you can comfortably trade TCN tokens on Coinsbit without any complexity. Let us know your feedback on the trading pair allotted. Have you invested in Coinsbit exchange platform? If yes, how was your experience?