Tech Token Network extends its presale till 5th May offering the same price worth 1 TRX = 2.5 TCN

· Tech Token Network extends its presale till 5th May offering the same price worth 1 TRX = 2.5 TCN

· TCN token will be officially listed on Coinsbit exchange platform by 10th May

· Later, Coinsbit is planning to announce a trading competition for traders to enjoy their best

· Price prediction says TCN tokens to reach $1 by the end of May

Tech Token Network is the most demanding Tron-based platform inducing the decentralized finance protocol within their service and products. Our company is currently a global blockchain enhancing marketplace today announced the extension of the token presale.

We have extended presale announcing a lower minimum buy-in to pursue high demand for early participation within this cryptocurrency marketplace. The presale will be extended until May 5.

“Watching closely the breaking market, we’ve been receiving user requests and words from investors to extend TCN token presale. We decided to satisfy their requests, and we’ll extend this phase 3 of token presale till May 5, 2021,”

We have allocated a total supply of over 270 million tokens from which 85% of the ratio is currently available. Our price for phase 3 remains the same i.e., 1 TRX = 2.5 TCN.

The goal of our project with which TCN token is built on the Tron smart chain is focused on utilizing multiple protocols. This will provide high scalability and interoperability while processing blockchains and its customers can easily access data sharing between blockchains.

“Moreover, this fundraising crowd sale will be the best choice for every trader willing to fill their pocket with TCN tokens. Moreover, we are intending to create favourable conditions for every crypto investment,” he concludes.

We have set equal token sale regulations and prices for entire investors, without any exceptions. TCN has not covered any secret or public rewards offered at the presale phase at the cost of crowd sale contributions. We are openly offering bonuses which can be effectively affordable for any user.

To reduce market control and major possible manipulations, we are selling 85% of all TCN tokens, while reserving 15% of the tokens for the relevant proportions. We have announced a total issuance of 270 Million tokens which will be distributed into the following sections.

· Initial Community: 12%

· Public Sale: 55%

· Airdrop: 5%

· Platform Development: 7%

· Advisors and Partnership: 9%

· Team: 10%

· Ecosystem: 27%

· Strategic Partnership: 6.25%

· Seed Sale: 15%

We are the leading Tron operating platform based on blockchain and smart contracts that allow user to enjoy every bit of TCN tokens with exchanges, etc. We will further offer our virtual token to be used within the platform, also with distinct options items trade-in, trading on exchanges, and smart contract.

Our motive is to build a new global economy covering more than $450 billion to explore a transparent and effective way of utilizing TCN tokens and other provident protocols.

TCN Token Presale Phase 3 will Extend

We have delayed the closure of TCN token presale phase 3 to allow our users and partner to enjoy as many benefits as they can. Our platform gives you the power to own, manage and transact your TCN token and authenticated credentials.

“We offer the best service on user demands. Our solution sets out of the crowd and we are happy to serve with full dedication. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Coinsbit exchange, this step will indeed revolutionize the market space. The team is looking ahead to provide exciting fundamentals to further modernize the blockchain applications,” says the Founder of Tech token network.

TCN and Coinsbit will be working together as we have listed TCN tokens on the trusted crypto exchange. We are ready to welcome future opportunities and expect the prices to reach $1 as predicted by the experts.

Our service has been available 24*7 despite being new to the market we have gained a lot of momentum. We are actively working with multiple institutions and many investors at a time. Also, our team collects the data and feedback during every collaboration to analyse the forthcoming initiatives.

Built on the Tron blockchain as a TRC20 token, Tech token network offers instant cryptocurrency payments at the point of sale. We believe our platform is the initial solution that will bridge cryptocurrency with decentralized finance transactions in real-time.

TCN and Coinsbit in a Partnership

Considering the recent developments and improvements within the blockchain industry have to haul the way token listing is structured and how investors are looking to collaborate. On the other hand, the number of ICOs is frequently increasing and the marketplace is all crowded with new tokens. We have been planning to list our TCN tokens on such an exchange platform with a good reputation and high offering for a long time.

Now, we are happy to announce that Coinsbit is the selected platform to list TCN tokens and will officially start trading since 10th May. This is good news for every TCN token holder to hold your breath and kickstart investing your tokens soon.

Moreover, you can now trade with 3 basics yet most used trading pairs- Bitcoin, Tron, and Tether respectively. Also, you have a chance to participate in the upcoming trading competition announced by Coinsbit. This competition will be launched soon right after the listing of TCN tokens.

We are also looking ahead with many more collaborations to come in near future. TCN will reach $1 range after getting listed on Coinsbit exchange- experts predict in the AMA session held. Also, according to the prediction, the TCN token is expected to hit $5 in the coming 6 months and $7 range till 2025.

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