TCN Tokens Will Be Listed on Trusted Crypto Exchanges

TCN Tokens Will Be Listed on Trusted Crypto Exchanges

· The regulated TCN tokens will be available for trading on most of the premier crypto platforms in the coming future

· It will soon be flexible than ever for newcomers and institutional investors alike to participate in the Decentralized Finance revolution through trading of the TCN token- CEO at Tech token network

· TCN tokens will be listed on both Decentralized and Centralized Exchange platforms

The finance industry has been functioning with cryptocurrency exchanges for a very long time. Even when it comes to digital assets, the underlying models are crazy to invest and list their tokens on trusted sources. Although every trader is familiar with the exchange platforms, still which one is the best to list your tokens?

The current state of digital asset exchange networks is somewhat of a paradox, wherein almost 94% of cryptocurrency traders are still in a dilemma to choose the best exchange platform like Coinsbit, Bittrex, Justswap, etc.

TCN Tokenomics

· Token Name: Tech Token

· Symbol: TCN

· Total Supply: 270 Million TCN

· Blockchain: TRC20 TronScan

· Circulating Supply: 229 Mn (85%)

· Exchange To be listed on: JustSwap, and six others inline

· Price: 1 TRX = 3 TCN

TCN Token Presale Details:

TCN possess a total supply worth 270 Million, wherein 55% that is around (148500000 TCN) will be further distributed in Pre-sale with 3 Phases. Phase 1 is already accomplished; Phase 2 is running its last days and Phase 3 will kickstart from April 21.

· Available supply: 85%

· Soft cap: 20 Million TCN

· Hard Cap: 100 Million TCN

Interested candidates can still join our presale with exclusive offer, plus bonus and rewards to fill your pockets.

TCN Tokens Will Be Listed on Trusted Exchanges

Tech token network is looking for a crypto exchange with more active users, transparency, and overall security. The exchange where TCN tokens will be listed should have automatic procedures with a very little to no transaction fee.

Basic connections, manual project checking, liquidity assurance, and compensation is the initial requirement to grab the exchange portal for listing its native token.

Our company intends to build relationships with crypto exchanges to facilitate token listing for TCN tokens and due diligence for blockchain projects.

We are using this opportunity to list TCN token as a gateway to enter the leading crypto exchanges improvising their liquidity, popularity, trading volume, and market reach.

Looking at the extreme market saturation, many exchanges rely on their partners like us to proceed with the initial due diligence and team vetting to support them screen weak projects.

What is TCN Looking For?

TCN has released a statement to list its native token on major cryptocurrency exchanges. However, it is still in process and we are in line with rapid rate partnerships in the coming few weeks.

The platform should provide certain services like margin trading and landing. In addition, they must be popular enough to offer higher liquidity, permitting you to make conversion easy.

The key aspect TCN willingly considers while choosing the right exchange is safety. We are also looking for the following features to start a partnership listing TCN tokens on the crypto exchanges.

· Trading volume (99% of crypto exchanges still prefer CEX)

· High Liquidity

· Fiat/Crypto exchange

· Direct Fiat currency payment options

· Transparency and safety from hacker attacks

· Many Functionalities options are available (Margin trading, discounts for high-volume trading)

· User-friendly and reputed amongst traders

· Legality and regulations (Most CEX’s are licensed and regulated by the government

· User accounts insurance

· Offer additional services (Financial services like banking, digital wallets, crypto debit cards, etc.)

Tech Token Network

We provide satisfying service and business development solutions to facilitate growth and boost our online presence. TCN is a high-yield liquidity platform working on the Tron blockchain DeFi protocol.

Our portal offers extensive staking rewards, blockchain applications and will provide many more solutions in the future. TCN presents user-friendly features providing real-time benefits with respect to price bonuses and contributor rewards.

In the blockchain niche, our company intends to cater hundreds of blockchain projects to penetrate the market space and stand exceptional among the crowd. Our team is trying to explore a very potential and vast global network of connections with partners, funds, communities and exchanges.

TCN project is way too transparent to easily trust on and we have already initiated the process to partner with many exchange platforms. We have informed the community about our team, who we are and our further plans.

We have also outlined how and when are we planning to release our next project and how do we substantially increase the interest in TCN token which will attract investors.

TCN believes in “achieving the objectives leads to a higher interest, which results in likely higher trading volume down the line. Similarly, the greater that latent trading volume, the better chances of getting the token listed with trusted firms”.

We are all ready to finalize the contract and discuss the listing price indeed. Also, our team is still researching well to get TCN tokens listed on the best crypto exchanges for the betterment of the team and community as well.





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