TCN Token Price Prediction After Coinsbit Listing

· 40% rally is expected after Coinsbit listing.

· TCN token might have a good month showing its bullish trend soon.

· Tech token network has created a boom among Tron lovers.

· By 2025, TCN token is predicted to reach $7 range.

· Our next motive is to build a big reliable Tron community.

Tech token network (TCN) token price predictions are more bullish after listing on the Coinsbit exchange platform. Coinsbit is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in eastern Europe. Considering the statistics, any cryptocurrency getting listed on the Coinsbit holds major credibility, a secure place and will boost the price of TCN tokens.

Coinsbit shares a Facebook update mentioning TCN token listing will be officially available to trade by May 10, 2021. This is great news for TCN holders as they can now trade their coins with basic and trending cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Tron, and Tether as their trading pairs.

After the announcement, the presale volume seems to increase with a booting incoming audience. We will soon announce the upcoming promotions and partnership which are currently lined up for the release. However, it will surely add new buyers and holders to the Coinsbit platform in return to list TCN tokens.

At the first phase of listing, the TCN token is expected to skyrocket with a minimum 40% peak as per the trade expert’s prediction in an AMA session held. There are many other coins that are getting listed and fundraised, however, performance like TCN token is nowhere seen so far.

TCN Token News

TCN is a cryptocurrency token based on the Tron network and a native token of the Tech token network project. We are focusing to create/serve reliable blockchain technology services and protocols as a resource beneficial for other blockchain projects at a very cheap price.

Developers can use the TCN token to purchase TCN project services in the coming future. There are many newcomers playing the same trick, we are exceptional from them.

We promise to offer 24*7 satisfying service and blockchain applications are all set for their release to start attracting clients. One such application is TCNBox. You will soon hear some words about this application highlighting its incredible features.

TCN is among the five newly supported tokens on Coinsbit, and the other names are Safelight, Vox, Comfy, and Onion. Now, TCN will be traded on Coinsbit with a more favourable fee structure with 0.2% trading fees.

Token Listing on Coinsbit Excites TCN Users

The price of TCN tokens has skyrocketed on the Coinsbit listing announcement. Now, the investors believe this listing is a major endorsement for TCN native coin. TCN has chosen the exchange platform looking at the strategies they perform to attain big investors finalizing their crypto purchases.

There are many fans following who is craving to grab TCN token listing on Coinsbit exchange. Listing coins on such trusted exchange platforms will expose TCN tokens to more investors.

Our token is gaining more than expected exposure and projection in 2021. However, the price is still firmly rooted to touch the peak in the coming months. Meanwhile, TCN coin trades for $0.06 with gains of more than 40 percent right after its listing.

This listing will drive in more publicity and sends investors rushing for the token amid any crisis or competition as the TCN token is easily available and accessible. Our token public listing presents a major step toward stepping into cryptocurrencies mainstream.

TCN Token Price Prediction

With TCN token’s price climbing with 40 percent will hit $0.1 after it is listed on Coinsbit exchange and is predicted to reach $0.5 in the next month with more than 55 percent. Investors are interestingly looking ahead as to what might come next.

Traders can now buy or sell or can wait to buy the dips? The token price forecast is generally bullish from $0.1 to $0.5. In the next 5 years, the experts believe the price to hit $0.7 by 2025. As TCN token is built on the Tron ecosystem, some investors are crazy about our token to cross Tron in terms of available circulating value because of its liquidity.

In the AMA session, experts predict that TCN price will remain still after May 2021 at $0.1 and will instantly increase in September 2021 by $0.05. By the year 2025–2026, the price must reach above the $0.7 range. According to the price forecast, TCN token price will kick steadily through 2025 when it will be worth $0.8, the price should keep improvising till it reaches $0.10 in 2028.

Is TCN a Good Investment After Coinsbit Listing?

With the current analysis, Coinsbit and Tech token network are performing great. We can firmly say that TCN price will reach the $0.1 range right after its listing on Coinsbit. Investors will make good money/profits with the token as per the expert’s prediction mentioned in an AMA session held. As TCN price is still forecast to keep striking $0.7 by 2025, there is still room to make tons with it.

As the Tech token network project expands, the TCN token believes in to rise in usage and demand, which will offer a catalyst for the price to keep hiking up. The TCN token will mainly attract traders seeking cheap cryptocurrency investments.

There is a 270 million total supply of TCN tokens and 85% is available in circulation now. As it reaches the supply limit, there’s an incentive specifically for investors to rush into the token. We are leveraging widespread adoption of the trending blockchain technology based on the Tron protocol.

This will provide high throughput and low transaction costs which will be affordable for any investors to trade on TCN tokens. We are planning to release our next phase while receiving incredible input from use cases and market necessities.

How to Purchase TCN Tokens?

The support of Coinsbit exchange for TCN token is expanding which makes it flexible for traders to buy the token. The holders will also be able to trade TCN tokens on major exchanges by the end of May 2021.

The initial step to purchasing a TCN token is setting up an account with the Coinsbit platform of your choice. There are some exchanges that allow you to buy tokens with fiat currency or cards or an intermediary cryptocurrency. This platform makes things easier for the user to perform any transactions.

The user interface is simple and straightforward for any beginner to handle. You need to pay a 0.2% trading fee to accomplish which seems quite affordable.

Don’t forget to join our presale phase 3, which gives you the price of

1 TRX = 2.5 TCN. Grab tons of tokens and make a better investment.





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