TCN Box Application Will Soon Launch Its Utility Services

· TCN tweets about its new TCN Box Application Utility services to be in process.

· This crypto utility service will provide mobile recharge, DTH recharge, ticket booking, hotel booking, flight booking services.

· Tech Token Network’s TCN Box application has many surprises to announce.

TCN Box Application Utility Service is Under Progress!

We are processing new services on the TCN Box blockchain application that are specifically designed for business use to amplify collaboration with trading partners, clients, and supply chain parties. We are looking forward to offering reliable, immutable info related to the digital ledger of blockchain with our services.

The recent announcement of the new blockchain application services was made at the conference held back this week where our team decided to release a word on the TCN Box application. The development of utility services is still under process; however, we have prepared a timeline to release it soon.

This application is developed in the form of utility services for individual users struggling to get hands-on. This utility service will enable users with mobile and DTH recharge, ticket booking, hotel booking, flight booking services, etc. There are many releases set to schedule once TCN Box is launched for public use.

“Our team is developing variant blockchain applications to explore and optimize solutions for solving everyday complexity via intelligent data sharing, AI, and machine learning. We offer the prominent technology to revolutionize the current set of industries and its time has already stated”- says the CEO of Tech Token Network.

TCN Box utility services will allow users to track products via the supply chain to raise trust in business transactions. We are creating this app to give better visibility across a multi-tier supply chain, improvise customer satisfaction, and advance product delivery and contract execution.

TCN Box is the first blockchain app to be deployed on Tron and Binance. We emphasize high throughput and low transaction costs by allowing widespread adoption of blockchain tech via client use cases. Our TCN box will soon enter its next phase of platform strategy that will commit to remaining the cornerstone of the rapid growth.

We can say that this application will lead in both user numbers and transaction volume over major blockchains. We are preparing TCN box on the cutting edge of blockchain software development to present as a superior product and commitment to the community.

To maintain the growth of TCN box in the future, we have anticipated a strategic investment from the specific Tron Arcade fund that will officially raise funds for this application. TCN Box will surely be the premier development and potential blockchain platform for users to trade, socialize, and stake over variant ecosystems.

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Tech Token Network- TCN Box Application

Blockchain applications have gone far beyond cryptocurrency and future aspects. This tech holds the power to create more transparency and security with saving business time and money. This sector is impacting variant domains in many ways that range from how the smart contracts are enforcing to make the government work more effectively.

There are more incredible examples of real-world blockchain use cases that are a pragmatic yet revolutionary concept. The list is exhaustive; however, these tech applications are already changing the role model of business.

We are developing open access, tokenized, and decentralized network that will allow smart infrastructure to operate around a digital economy. These are the following facilities that the utility service will provide:

1. Travel Agents

We will provide a private, safe, and transparent travel booking and stay application entirely developed on on-chain and AI. It will offer ticket booking, hotel booking, flight booking services.

2. Delivery Model

The application will focus on delivery, freight, and courier services provided on a global scale over blockchain network collaborating with the leading partners

3. Decentralized Financing (Defi)

TCN financing application will give access to a decentralized exchange to lend, stake, and farm the yielding of high token assets. We will also add support for other tokens.

4. Booking Service

The app will allow the user to access booking facilities and payment services as well. The user is authenticated to retrieve services like paying bills, mobile, and DTH recharge.

All the four above-mentioned services are induced in the application built with TCN Box blockchain cloud service which is planned to launch soon by the coming month.

Our Future Plans

TCN has been working effortlessly in many applications and projects since launch. TCN box will be created to be the world’s first blockchain application with a high-performance technology development protocol. It acquires the industry experts’ experience in blockchain as well as traditional technologies to develop an exceptional software experience.

TCN box will lead the market stats in terms of transaction count, users, and transaction volume, hitting the charts of top tracking sites like BApp Radar and Review. We have set the daily volume of TCN box to reach worth USD 10million with over 4,000 daily active users.

We will set up the TCN box community which will hold over 16,000 engaging traders. TCN box will kickstart as a small side-project with relatively 3 founders however, we will put all our resources to swiftly grow to a team of 11 full-time members.

We are trying to establish out of the crowd technology using collective super-intelligence with decentralized economic internet. The experts and specialists are focusing on building a highly scalable next-generation distributed ledger technology combined with machine learning that delivers the predictions and infrastructure to power the future economy.

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