Phase 2 is Ready for Closure and Phase 3(1trx — 2.5tcn) all Set to Get Kickstarted!

1. TCN Airdrop and Phase 2 presale will end by tomorrow i.e., April 20, 2021.

2. Phase 3 to boom start from April 21, 2021, locking the price of 1 TRX = 2.5 TCN

3. Start booking TCN tokens to fill up your pocket- limited tokens left.

Every trader is aware of seed funding which seems to be drying up. On the other hand, accelerators are scrambling hard for revenue. Things are modifying drastically in the start-up ecosystem with new opportunities knocking on the door.

Tech Token Network has set its foot in the market by introducing its native token presale with a huge response back and active users attending the participation. The company released the TCN token sale right after building a smart contract on the blockchain.

The TCN token will drift to its blockchain network- Tech Token Smart Chain aka TSC, in return, generating and selling the coins. The platform has brought together lawyers, well-qualified investors, and experts.

Tech token network incorporated essential measures before announcing the presale of TCN tokens:

· Launched the platform

· Well-established community

· Released a White paper

· Disclosed the future plans/sketch via Roadmap

· Gathered legal opinions on the major developments

· Announced the token and presale

· Getting token listed on the best-trusted exchanges

TCN token presale is gaining lots of attention not only from institutional investors but also individuals alike. We are happy to announce the next phase of presale which is all set to start. The price is however locked as 1 TRX will be around 2.5 TCN in phase 3.

If you haven’t configured it yet, here are the details on the TCN Tokenomics:

· Token Name: Tech Token

· Ticket Symbol: TCN

· Total Supply: 270 Million

· Platform: TRC 20: 18 Decimal

· Available Supply: 85% (229500000)

Initial Phase 1 Price: 1 TRX = 3 TCN | Duration: March 15 — April 5

Phase 2 Price: 1 TRX = 3 TCN | Duration: April 6 — April 20

Phase 3 Price: 1 TRX = 2.5 TCN | Duration: April 21 — April 30

If you haven’t participated in our presale, you have lost many rewards already. Do not delay and right now join the presale to earn the value set on user demand. Also, the winners will receive special bonuses and benefits on our platform.

We are already a step ahead of the newcomers joining lately. Don’t think, decide and jump in our presale to fill up your pocket with many exclusive and incredible rewards.

Techtoken Network intends to be known for simplicity, transparency, security, user-friendly interface, speed, and a stable means of payment/exchange. This platform is looking forward to establishing and develop an ecosystem that will lay the foundation for the potential growth of the entire trade in the future.

The TCN presale phase 2 will end by tomorrow and will boost start phase 2 where prices will stay still as planned for the token sale. What are you waiting for, join it right away and grab as many TCN tokens as you can?

Leave your feedback in the comment section below! If you face any difficulties or have any questions in your mind, drop us a message and we will revert you back with your solution.





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