How to add TCN Token to your Tron Wallet.

Receive rewards, send, receive and trade TCN tokens

Techtoken Network Airdrop and bounty Distribution is live, users can now claim tokens to their tron wallet. Add the TCN token contract address token to Tron Supported wallet to receive tokens. 10% monthly.

TechToken Network , a Tron blockchain ecosystem with an aim of developing its own blockchain network for development of Blockchain based applications for businesses and utility.

To Celebrate the launch and to reach more blockchain enthusiasts we are offering an Airdrop of 2% of our total supply (54000000) TCN tokens.

Register and Get 50 TCN tokens directly to your Tron ( TRX) supported wallets liek TronLink Pro, Klever wallet etc..

Ex : in TronLink Pro Wallet

Step 1 : Open you TronLink Wallet

Step 2 : In Banner tap on “ Add Assets“

Step 3 ; Search for “ TechToken or Enter this Smart Contact address

Step 4 ; Success ! You have successfully added TCN token to your Tron Wallet

Note : You may find other tokens with Same name , please use the contract address for uniqueness of TechToken.Network TCN token.

DO’s and Benefits

  • Update this same wallet address to your account ( in profile) to receive TCN token rewards
  • You will receive TCN token Registration, Referral and bounty rewards to same wallet address
  • You can Send , Receive or trade TCN tokens directly from this wallet.



TechToken Network .

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A Tron Blockchain (TRX) based token platform to developed Tron Smart Contract DeFi apps.