Don’t Miss the Exclusive Price of TCN Pre-Sale Phase 2!

TCN Pre-sale Phase 2

· Presale Phase 1 faces an inclined closure

· TCN decides to offer the same price in phase 2 as that of phase 1

· Exclusive bonus will continue as per user demand

· TCN token price predicted to hit $0.1 by May

Tech token network team is glad to announce the successful completion of its token presale Phase 1, during which the target is accomplished. Currently, we are dealing with major contributors, traders, and stakeholders who helpfully made this dream come true. We are obliged to work with such a great team full of talents.

Phase 1 of the token presale took place from March 14 to April 05, 2021. Though it was a successful one indeed. This presale focused on TCN native token to make it familiar within the crowd and raise its popularity. TCN token holds the core objective to offer major benefits that match the necessity of this crypto world.

Back in January, the company introduced its native token, TCN, which is a valuable asset that can be used as a payment and trading service on the parent platform. The platform is all working according to the plans aligned and continues to analyse the user inputs and experiences.

“Cryptocurrency is now getting common and retail traders are already adopting it on a large scale” — said Marcus Tron, The Marketing Head at Tech Token Network in a group discussion.

Phase 2 is offering the customers unique opportunity to grab tokens with the same price set for phase 1. Now, the user can get their hands on TCN tokens for attracting more benefits and the company is ready to serve a price-setting mechanism for the TCN token exploring the wider era.

TCN Offers 1 TRX = 3 TCN Price as Per User Demands

Looking at the ongoing Tron TRX price hike, the user has requested to keep the price the same as it was in Phase 1. This will give them an open chance without hindrance to willingly participate in our presale phase 2.

The company generously decides to offer the same price of 1TRX=3TCN looking at their intense cooperation and interest in our platform and services. Also, you can check out the token details on our official webpage for more insight into the tokenomics

Details on the upcoming token presale phase 2:

1. Phase 2 was all set to 1 TRX = 2 TCN, however, now it will continue to sell at 1 TRX = 3 TCN.

2. This phase will start by 6th April 2021 and will end by mid-April i.e., 20th April.

Isn’t this exciting? If you haven’t participated in phase 1, don’t miss this chance to join phase 2 as it will be offering the exclusive price for their visitors and users.

TCN’s primary and most attractive innovation for its clients will be the upcoming Blockchain application TCN Box along with some major launches. The company has decided to partner with more than 6 exchanges to raise its client base.

Let’s have a look at what’s next for TCN:

· The company has already initiated its partnership with more than 6 well-renowned exchange platforms including Binance.

· The experts predict TCN token price to reach $0.1 by May according to their operations

· The Blockchain Applications are all lined up for release

· Major smart features will be announced in the coming future

We have created a total issuance of 270 billion TCN tokens, and will be allocated in their respective proportions:

1. Initial Community: 12%

2. Public Sale: 55%

3. Airdrop: 5%

4. Platform development: 7%

5. Team: 10%

6. Ecosystem: 27%

7. Strategic Partnership: 6.25%

8. Seed sale: 15%

Stay in touch, and don’t miss any updates on the upcoming releases. The system is quite simple and transparent, offering the best possible service for end-to-end customers. Are you ready to grab TCN tokens with phase 2?

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