TCN Pre-sale Phase 2

· Presale Phase 1 faces an inclined closure

· TCN decides to offer the same price in phase 2 as that of phase 1

· Exclusive bonus will continue as per user demand

· TCN token price predicted to hit $0.1 by May

Tech token network team is glad to announce the successful completion of its token presale Phase 1, during which the target is accomplished. Currently, we are dealing with major contributors, traders, and stakeholders who helpfully made this dream come true. We are obliged to work with such a great team full of talents.

Phase 1 of the…

TCN Technology Token- (TCNBOX)

Looking at a constant rising wave in the industry, the market seems quite evergreen, young and facilitates the potential to boost up decentralized applications. Tech token network is following this tide planning to spark Web 3.0 based on the TRON protocols and Binance Network. The platform will utilize its revolutionary Blockchain Application experiences to explore many possible projects.

TCN is leveraging widespread adoption of blockchain technology on Tron protocol which will not only offer high throughput but also provides low transaction costs. The team is working through plans as per the input from consumer use cases and market necessities.


Refer and Earn Tron ( TRX) on each purchase

Refer and Win TRX token in TCN Pre-Sale

TechToken Network Pre-sale is live and creating a boom in Tron Community, Tron lovers are loving the new DeFi token and the participation has surged after the rise of TRX token price.

TCN token Pre-sale is hosting a 3 level Referral Program that offers Tron Coin (TRX) as rewards.

Get 7% TRX coins for every purchase of TCN through your referral

> Level l : 7% TRX

> Level 2 : 3 % TRX

> Level 3: 1 % TRX

The Program ends on 5th April 2021 . Time to hurry…

TCN Token Presale is Live!

We’re glad to announce that more than 50000 TCN tokens have been distributed on Airdrop among early adopters. For your convenience we are also hosting a presale program which will have 3 Phase on TCN TOKEN sales.

Phase1 Pre-Sale

Started on 15th Mar and Ends on 5th April 2021,

Buy at 1TRX = 3TCN

Phase2 Pre-Sale

Will Begin on 6th April and Ends on 20th April 2021,

Buy at 1TRX = 2.5 TCN

Phase3 Pre-Sale

Will Begin on 21st April and Ends on 30th April 2021,

Buy at 1TRX = 2 TCN

You can buy tokens with TRX coin.


Tech Token Network is excited about its Pre-Sale on its native token TCN to go live on 15 March. We are all set to benchmark the best service on Tron blockchain.

We work on Tron based Decentralized finance ecosystem, recently made an appearance with Referral reward and YouTube bounty program in the market space. The operations are good to go with the latest Pre-Sale bounty of its native token TCN.

Our Pre-Sale is live, Dave the date — 15th March and get ready for the blast! This time you can fill your wallets with tons of TCN tokens. This sale…

· TechToken Network invites youtubers to review and get rewarded.

· The YouTube Bounty program Phase 1 Starts from 6th March and Will end on 10th April

· 500000 TCN is allotted for YouTube bounty distribution.

· Instant bounty token distribution with 10% monthly release rate.

· Read More about project Here

Tech token network is again breaking the news with their recent announcement. The company rolls out their secondary release as YouTube Bounty program goes Live in order to increase our reach to right audience.

We are excited to broadcast out YouTube Bounty Campaign is Live! Now, the members…

Receive rewards, send, receive and trade TCN tokens

Techtoken Network Airdrop and bounty Distribution is live, users can now claim tokens to their tron wallet. Add the TCN token contract address token to Tron Supported wallet to receive tokens. 10% monthly.

TechToken Network , a Tron blockchain ecosystem with an aim of developing its own blockchain network for development of Blockchain based applications for businesses and utility.

To Celebrate the launch and to reach more blockchain enthusiasts we are offering an Airdrop of 2% of our total supply (54000000) TCN tokens.

Register and Get 50 TCN tokens directly to your Tron ( TRX) supported wallets liek TronLink Pro, Klever wallet etc..

How to Add the token address to your wallet ?

Ex : in TronLink Pro Wallet

Step 1 : Open you TronLink Wallet

Step 2 : In Banner tap on “ Add…

Thank You for participating in Tech Token Network Airdrop! We are pleased to inform you that it was fun to form a new community with active personalities. Looking at the level of interest we are looking forward to continue the same co-ordination with you in the near future.

Gratitude to our New Members of Tech Token Network Airdrop

Good news for Airdrop participants! You are now ready to claim your free registration and referral reward just within time.

Not to make the process complicated and redundant, we kindly request you to register with the same Email-Id used while taking part in Airdrop bounty program. We ask you to cooperate with…

Tech Token network is a new project looking forward to boost secure transaction. We at Tech Token Network are happy to announce the new Tron (TRX) blockchain operating on the DeFi platform TechToken.Network. The project will be tokenized and powered by a native token known as TCN.

TCN has a total supply of over 270 million tokens and 85% of supply is available. The token will be available on 7 exchange platforms right after the Pre-sale event is completed.

Built upon the Tron smart contract Address (TUReAJBQavStuUraNWZSmqpvwvnuotdDAh), the token will adopt all the specifications and benefits of the parent platform…

We are happy to announce our bounty program is live! You might have read about Tech Token Network (TCN) broadcasting their bounty program for distributing free TCN tokens to get live on 25th February 2021. And yes, the great news is “Registration Is Live”! Hurry up!

This is the time to gain remuneration by engaging in our ongoing bounty program. This will support us unite enormous crypto experts and boost awareness to recognize ourselves with the community in amore better way.

Now grab your chance to partake in our bounty program and receive tokens for free. Tech Token Network is…

Tech Token Network (TCN)

A Tron Blockchain (TRX) based token platform to developed Tron Smart Contract DeFi apps.

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